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Through various training programs, our goal is to increase the identification of those who have experienced sex trafficking or exploitation, those who are vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation and improve the ways in which we respond to these situations. Each year, we train and equip hundreds of those most likely to encounter trafficking situations (e.g. healthcare providers, service providers, youth professionals) in order to increase the number of community members vigilantly recognizing and responding to survivors of sex trafficking.

We offer:

1) Sex Trafficking Awareness Training – a foundational training designed to build an understanding of what trafficking is, what common indicators to look for and concrete action steps that should be taken to effectively respond to suspected trafficking

2) Sex Trafficking Responder Training – a more in-depth training designed to build not only a foundational knowledge of what trafficking is, but also explore the role of pimp control, the effect of trauma bond on survivors, knowledge on how to approach and assess potential victims and actions steps for responding to and reporting suspected trafficking

3) Customized training designed to meet the particular needs of individuals, agencies and organizations