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Our Mission

The vision for Sold No More began more than thirty years ago when our Founder, Jerry Peyton, experienced the devastation of sex trafficking in his own family. In order to address the growing problem of exploitation in our community, Sold No More was launched in 2010 and originally called Streetlight Tucson. Working with schools, local churches, like-minded organizations and individuals, our mission is to end child exploitation in Tucson and provide a hopeful solution to this problem through awareness training and prevention education.

Our Motivation

While Sold No More eagerly partners with those who do not share our spiritual convictions, we are a ministry motivated by the love of Christ. God’s heart for those being exploited and oppressed, particularly children, is clear in Psalm 10:18, “Doing justice for the fatherless and the oppressed, so that the men of the earth may terrify them no more.” We believe God is working to see people set free and restored from exploitation and it is our hope to join Him in His work.

Our Core Values

Sold No More partners with leaders, churches, organizations, and governmental agencies sharing our mission and core values:

  • The eradication of child exploitation
  • Unity: broad collaboration and cooperation with other organizations
  • Integrity: in the lives of leaders and in organizational operations and reporting
  • Strategic importance: focused on critical needs and timely issues
  • Solid research & development: analysis of local, national, and international exploitation activities along with active and proposed solutions
  • Humility: seeking the assistance of others and not being concerned about who gets the credit. While we believe that our mission is dear to the heart of God and critical at this point in history, it is not “more important” than other callings or missions.
  • Respect: dealing with differences in a respectful manner, not attacking or accusing others, not publicly criticizing others but dealing with disagreements privately

Founder Jerry Peyton explains the mission and motivation of Sold No More.