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Awareness Presentations

We engage local communities by educating them about the reality of the sexual exploitation of their children.  Until we believe it is happening in our backyards and come together as a community committed to ending this epidemic, it will continue to expand.

In order to prevent future exploitation and drive down the demand for commercial sex, Sold No More educates thousands of community members each year on the reality of child exploitation and how they can join the fight to end it.  We provide prevention education  for students (Power Over Predators), general awareness presentations, and college presentations.

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.

– Abraham Lincoln

Each year, we educate thousands of community members on the reality of exploitation and how they can effectively respond. We believe this is key to identifying victims of exploitation, reporting suspected exploitation, and driving down the demand for commercial sex. We will customize presentations for any group or organization, but below are our most common presentations given.

Identification & Response Training

In order to increase the number of community members vigilantly recognizing and responding to survivors of exploitation, Sold No More trains and equips hundreds of those most likely to encounter victims of sexual abuse (e.g. healthcare providers, service providers, youth professionals).