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The Porn Connection


Pornography Can Lead to Abuse

Why is the sexual exploitation of children increasing at such an alarming rate? What is driving the demand for sex with children, including babies and infants?

One answer: the exponential rise in pornography, especially child pornography.

No research can be conducted that would prove direct causality between child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children. After all, who is going to conduct a double-blind study of the effects of child pornography?

What can be demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt is that:

Pornography can ➔ Child Pornography, which can ➔ Sexually Abusing Children

Over 80% of men arrested for child sexual abuse were in possession of child pornography. Almost 60% had pornographic images or videos of children under five years of age. That’s no coincidence.  People don’t normally begin by looking at images or videos of babies being sexually abused. They usually:

  • Begin with “harmless” soft-core, adult pornography
  • Move to hard-core adult porn
  • Graduate to child porn
  • Look for younger and younger children
  • Eventually, many will want to experience what they see

Pornography Can Be Addictive

Pornography releases powerful chemicals in the brain and body and can become addictive, more quickly addicting than many drugs such as heroin. As with all addictions, in order to get the same pleasure, more and more images are required – and in many cases, more and more deviance. Pornography is especially addictive to brains that are not fully developed and can permanently “hard wire” the brain to think and feel about sexuality in ways that are extremely harmful.

Abuse Can Lead to Sex Trafficking

Between 70 and 90% of sexual exploitation victims have a history of sexual abuse. In many cases the abuse is a major factor in children running away from home—which makes them an easy target for traffickers. In fact, running away increases vulnerability by 80%.

Child Pornography can ➔ Sexually Abusing Children, which can ➔ Child Sex Trafficking

Bottom line: Pornography fuels the demand side of sex abuse and sex trafficking.

For a peer-reviewed journal article on the connection between trafficking and pornography,   CLICK HERE.