Power Over Predators is led by passionate presenters who are willing to lead a presentation at least 1 time a month to middle and high school students. Becoming a facilitator does require training, but it is an incredibly powerful way to combat trafficking as you will be educating students on how they can avoid exploitation, recognize their vulnerabilities, and empower them to support and help other youth.  Facilitators should be able to connect well with youth and be able to communicate well in a classroom or assembly setting. 

Requirements for facilitators:

  • Complete Power Over Predators training (Facilitators will receive a curriculum certification)
  • Obtain fingerprint clearance card (Apply HERE)
  • Sign our Freedom Coaltion HERE

Once a facilitator has completed training, fingerprint clearance, and 25 presentations, they will be reimbursed the cost of curriculum ($100) and the cost of fingerprint clearance ($75).

Facilitators also receive mileage reimbursements and a stipend for $12 per presentation.

Start by filling out our volunteer application HERE.

*Fingerprint clearance must be obtained before presenting in schools