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Jerry Peyton – Executive Director

Jerry Peyton – Executive Director

Jerry has over fifty years of experience in visionary development and organizational leadership, having been a principal founder/executive leader for five nonprofit corporations.

Jerry is a graduate of the University of Arizona and has master’s degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and Trinity International University, including certification by the International Human Rights Institute in Strasbourg, France.

Jerry has served as a pastor, college faculty member, and high school teacher. He was a firefighter on the Tucson Fire Department and the city director for TFD’s minority recruitment program.

Jerry’s passion for justice and championing the oppressed has included ministering to those being brutally persecuted in Sudan during the genocide in the 1990s. His first master’s thesis focused on women’s issues, and his second thesis involved the development of a coalition of organizations ministering in Sudan.

The threads of justice, compassion for the oppressed, sexuality, women’s issues, and networking/coalition building are woven throughout Jerry’s life and ministry.

Jerry and his wife, Georgia, have three children, ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Their first job after being married was to serve as resident counselors for the Arizona state school for juvenile delinquent girls. They have also experienced the devastation of child sexual abuse in their own family.

Lisa Hansen – Education Director

Lisa Hansen – Education Director

Lisa, Jerry Peyton’s daughter, ran away at the age of 14, ending up a victim of sex trafficking., which inspired a lifelong dedication to helping the next generations navigate the treacherous waters of sexual predators.

She has been conducting presentations on sexuality and predator prevention in schools for almost 20 years, as well as being the supervisor of a home for troubled teenage girls and a houseparent for a group foster home. She is the author of the Power Over Predators sexual exploitation prevention curriculum, and personally gives presentations to some 7,000 middle and high school students a year. Lisa is happily married with three children and four grandchildren.

Stephani Schlak – Operations Director

Stephani Schlak – Operations Director

For 19 years, Stephani served as a volunteer and then pastor to children and students.  This created a deep belief in the value of young people and fuels her desire to combat sex trafficking.

Joining the Sold No More team as Operations Director in May 2018, this is Stephani’s second time serving on the Sold No More team.  She has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and is a new wife and step-mom to two teenagers.

Christine Conners – POP Facilitator

Christine Conners – POP Facilitator

When Lisa Hansen, Education Director, gave a presentation to Christine's Pima Community College class, Christine responded, "I want to do what you're doing!"

Christine is a counselor, psychology instructor, and artist.  In addition to working as a POP Facilitator, Christine also teaches part-time at Pima Community College.  She has a BA in psychology from the University of Hawaii and an MA in counseling from Chapman University in California.  She’s currently working on a second MA in painting.  Christine and husband Tim are proud parents of 4 children.

Our Board of Directors

Jerry Peyton – President

David Hillis – Vice President – Lead Pastor of Grace Community Church

John Patton – Regional Chief Operating Officer of American Red Cross

Jed Lightcap – Treasurer – CPA

Regan Andrews – Federal Parole Officer

Jill Reilly – Community member

Richard Luebke – President & Former CEO, Pima Medical Institutes