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If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most INCURABLE FANATICS ever permitted to be at large.

– William Wilberforce

Ending Child Exploitation Begins with You

It begins not through involvement in a program but through personal choices and lifestyle — how effective will you be in fighting exploitation if you:

  • support labor trafficking through your purchases?
  • condone the supposed harmlessness of “voluntary” prostitution?
  • support sexual abuse and exploitation through viewing pornography especially child pornography?
  • remain silent when others joke about pimps and “hoes”?

How effective can you be in addressing the horrific abuses involved in child exploitation if you have not experienced significant healing from your own abuse? Some people become involved in causes in order to avoid dealing with their own issues or in hopes of solving their own problems by helping others. Besides being unhealthy and counterproductive, such actions are a form of exploitation: using others to meet ones own needs.

Before becoming involved with Sold No More or any other anti-abuse effort, please set aside time for some serious personal reflection. If you are struggling with past abuse, click here for more information on resources and support.

If you are currently struggling with a sexual addiction, such as viewing pornography, click here for resources.

When you are ready, read and sign the Freedom Coalition commitment form below. The fight to end exploitation needs passionate, committed people willing to relentlessly take a stand and speak up for those being exploited UNTIL IT ENDS. Join the coalition. Download a copy of the Freedom Coalition Commitment to serve as a reminder.