Walk4Freedom Teams

The Walk4Freedom is Sold No More's largest event to raise awareness and funds for combating sex trafficking! This year our goal is to raise $30,000 in order to sustain and grow our Power Over Predators Program. This internet safety program equips thousands of students around Tucson to better protect themselves against predators.

We can't do this without you - we depend on our walkers and runners, so help us increase the number of people IN THIS FIGHT by starting a team!

Start A Team

Being a part of a team and fundraising with friends, family and co-workers GREATLY increases your impact on the Walk4Freedom and the fight to end sex trafficking. 

How do you register a team? Each individual must register themselves. At the 'My Team Name Is' option, select your team or click 'Add a Team' and type in your team name. Each member of your team must select the team name when registering in order join your team. Each donation that a team member receives automatically counts toward their individual and team total.

CLICK HERE to register your team! 

Fundraise as a team: Team members can definitely all send out individual fundraising letters to family and friends, but consider also fundraising together - host a car wash, a bake sale, speak together at a group or church asking them to support you...together, you can make a HUGE difference in this fight!

The top fundraising teams will receive prizes! CLICK HERE to see available prizes

Have fun: Create team T-shirts, sweatbands, socks, or more! Make this a memorable day for everyone!

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