Walk4Freedom Fundraising

Why Do I Need to Fundraise?

One of the most important parts of the Walk4Freedom is the fundraising done by hundreds of participants! You are able to help us grow programs that protect our children from predators. Fundraising is your opportunity to invite family, friends, co-workers and others to join the fight against trafficking with you!

Start a Team!  Being a part of a team and fundraising with friends, family and co-workers GREATLY increases your impact on the Walk4Freedom and the fight to end sex trafficking. Click HERE to learn more about starting a team.

Start Fundraising in 5 Easy Steps!

Scroll down for fundraising tips and sample letters!

Fundraising PrizesWalk 4 Freedom Fundraising Prizes

Fundraising Prizes

We want to say "thank you" to everyone who works hard to fund raise to support our work! We have a variety of gifts for participants:

TOP individual fundraisers win: The Loft Couple's Membership or Beyond Bread gift card

TOP team fundraisers win: Gift cards to Upper Crust Pizza or Freddie's

Individual Prizes:

  • Raise $150 or more: Receive a Sold No More tumbler or water bottle
  • Raise $250 or more: Receive the above plus a 2 week pass to LA Fitness
  • Raise $500 or more: Receive all of the above plus a 30oz stainless steel Sold No More tumbler

Fundraising: Invite Others to Join You in Combating Sex Trafficking

"I didn't see this as begging people for money, I saw the Walk4Freedom as an opportunity to educate more people about trafficking in Tucson and an invitation for them to get involved." - W4F participant

How To Invite Others to Join You:

1) Send out an email or letter to friends and family, asking them to support you through a donation or pledge or by walking with you. Check out a sample letter: CLICK HERE  

Quick tip #1: We've found that people are MOST successful when they CALL or email friends and family individually (you can definitely copy/paste one email and add a short personal note), share a concrete goal and ask them to donate a specific amount. Don't be afraid, it's all about inviting MORE people into the fight to end trafficking. 

2) Talk to your church or a group you're a part of and ask to make an announcement, put something in the bulletin or set up a table inviting others to join you or donate. Check out a sample bulletin announcement: CLICK HERE


3) Share OFTEN on Facebook and social media. Check out a sample post or tweet: CLICK HERE

Quick tip #2: We've also found that utilizing social media, particularly sharing REGULAR fundraising updates on Facebook, sharing when people donate and thanking them publicly really encourages others to check it out!

4) Remember, Sold No More qualifies for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit - so couples can donate $800 and individuals up to $400 and get it back as a tax credit when they file their state taxes. It's a win/win! Learn more about the tax credit HERE.

As you collect fundraising money, please mail it to us or hold on to it and turn it in on the day of the Walk.