Help Raise Awareness

Raising awareness and educating the Tucson community about sex trafficking is key to ensuring people are recognizing and reporting exploitation, preventing future abuse and driving down the demand. Unfortunately, our staff can't keep up with the demand for speakers and presentations, so we need passionate, engaging volunteers to help!

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Become a Sold No More Speaker/Presenter

Do you like public speaking? Are you knowledgeable about (or willing to become) sex trafficking? Become one of our speakers! Speakers lead presentations on sex trafficking for community groups, churches, parents or students, lead film screenings, or host tables at events to share more about what needs to be done to fight trafficking in Tucson! 

Become a Power Over Predators Facilitator

Educate youth about trafficking.  Our Power Over Predators Program is led by passionate volunteer teachers who are willing to lead a presentation at least 1 time a month to middle and high school students. Becoming a facilitator does require training, but it is an incredibly powerful way to combat trafficking as you will be educating students on how they can avoid exploitation, recognize their vulnerabilities and empower them to support and help other youth.  Facilitators should be able to connect well with youth and be able to communicate well in a classroom or assembly setting.  Learn more about POP and youth education HERE and becoming a facilitator HERE.

Join our Presentation Support Team

Do you want to help educate youth but not sure if you want to lead a presentation?  You can assist our speakers by passing out flyers and talking to students.

Use Social Media to Educate Others

We regularly update our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with information about sex trafficking, misconceptions, news articles, and important updates and events. We need people to help share these posts with their circles and continue to draw more people towards the abolition movement. Click on the red icons at the bottom of the page to find our social media pages.

Who Can you Reach? 

Everyone has a sphere of influence that they can most effectively reach -- friends, family, co-workers -- what's yours? Pick 5-10 people that you can help educate about trafficking. Ask friends to join a book club and read Renting Lacy, or host a movie night at your house watching Nefarious. How can you help spread the word about what is happening with those closest to you?


Check out Outsider Y's song 'For $Sale' below. It describes what happens in sex trafficking and our society. There are so many ways you can spread awareness. Be creative!