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Protection and Restoration

It is our desire to see survivors of sexual exploitation find healing, restoration and be empowered to reach their full potential. However, for many women and girls who have experienced trafficking, healing is a long and complex process that is best assisted through caring, trusting relationships and where individual needs are met. To this end,  Sold No More:

  1. Advocates: Works directly with survivors of commercial exploitation to provide advocacy, find placement in long-term safe houses and residential recovery programs, receive counseling services from partner therapists and counselors, and find other supports, services and resources needed to meet emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs.
  2. Mentors: Provides long-term mentor relationships for women and girls who have experienced sexual exploitation or works with victims of other forms of sexual abuse to connect them to healing services and resources.
  3. Educates and Empowers: Leads a small group, 10-week program. This small group is designed to prevent the exploitation/re-exploitation of young girls by educating and empowering them to "find their voice and create a positive life path."

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Gifts for Girls

Our 10-week groups for survivors and at-risk girls are empowering and supportive, but they are also challenging! To help alleviate anxiety over starting groups, we like to "gift" participants with a bag full of materials and sweet treats. To learn more about what we need for these bags, visit our Amazon "wish list" HERE.

To learn more about hosting a "drive" for materials, click HERE.