Donate Goods and Services to Support Survivors of Sex Trafficking

As we work with women and girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, there are often many needs that must be met on the road to recovery. There are large and immediate needs for housing, counseling services, medical care, as well as other more everyday needs, like food, clothing, and transportation. Normal stressors pop-up, like a broken-down car, that we can help take care of, so that a young woman can focus on other, more pressing, concerns.

 How can you help meet the needs of the women and girls we work with? We need people in ALL different fields, with all different skill sets or resources, to get involved in this work, including:

1) Doctors and dentists to provide free or discounted care

2) Lawyers to provide free or discounted legal advice

3) Stylists to provide free or discounted haircuts, coloring, manicures, pedicures, etc

4) Individuals to donate gift cards or funds to be used to buy food, clothing, gas, and other important items (grocery gift cards, restaurant gift cards, Target or Walmart cards, gas cards, etc) 

5) Small business owners interested in providing jobs or internships to women and girls exiting the sex trade 

Let us know how you might partner in this work! 

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