Prosecution and Enforcement

Child sex trafficking is commercially driven by the law of supply and demand.  It’s all about money.  As a result, we must address the demand for child sexual abuse—the “johns”—and those who profit from the slavery—the pimps.  Until we as a community become serious about arresting and incarcerating these criminals, child sex trafficking will continue to flourish no matter how many safe homes are provided. Toward this end, Sold No More:

  1. Partners: Is intimately involved in forming and participating in coalitions and networks of like-minded NGOs (non-governmental organizations), governments, law enforcement agencies, and judicial bodies
  2. Leads: Formed the Southern Arizona Anti-Trafficking Task Force, which is comprised of over a dozen law enforcement agencies throughout Southern Arizona
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CLICK HERE  to learn about and advocate for legislative changes to better support victims of sex trafficking and more effectively combat this problemn


 CLICK HERE to visit the Arizona Human Trafficking Council to learn more about education, resources and legislative issues in our own state.