"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela

To combat sex trafficking, we need a coalition of people who are highly educated about what it is, what causes it, what it's effects are, and what can be done to truly stop it. Below are a few ways you can build your own understanding of this complex injustice, stay informed on what is being done to fight it, and HOW YOU CAN TAKE PART.

Start here: Build a strong understanding of what sex trafficking is.

Read the National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking by Shared Hope International.                         


Read the powerful Girls Like Us, the bestselling book by Rachel Lloyd, founder of GEMS in New York and a survivor of sex trafficking. ORDER HERE

Read Re nting Lacy, an incredible book featuring information on sex trafficking and real-life accounts. ORER HERE


Continually Grow Your Understanding


Read the Arizona Field Assessment on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking by Shared Hope International to learn more about what our state is doing and should do to better support survivors and combat DMST. CLICK HERE.

Read the 2013  Trafficking in Persons Report released by the state department, a comprehensive evaluation of every nation and gain a more global perspective. CLICK HERE.


Set up a "Google Alert" with terms like "sex trafficking" and/or "Arizona" to get an email sent daily or weekly with all related news items.  

Like Sold No More on Facebook to get updates on news, information, and events.  CLICK HERE.

Learn More from Other Organizations



Polaris Project operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline and has an incredible amount of information on trafficking, including legislative information, online trainings and webinars - Polarisproject.org

A Christian organization leading in both international and domestic efforts to eradicate sex trafficking. Provides homes & assistance for trafficking survivors in the U.S. and overseas and produced both the National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking(DMST) and the Arizona Report - sharedhope.org

The NCMEC has a wealth of information on missing children, runaways and sex trafficking, tips for parents on all forms of exploitation and numerous publications - Missingkids.org

Not for Sale is a great networking organization with tons of practical ideas for doing anti-slavery work and an excellent map for reporting and viewing human trafficking cases in your geographical area - notforsalecampaign.org