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Youth Education

One of the absolute most important things we can do to prevent trafficking is to educate youth. As we empower young people to recognize the lures used by traffickers, we prevent future exploitation and increase the number of young people recognizing and responding to potential trafficking situations they encounter. Additionally, as we educate youth about commercial sex trade, we drive down future demand for commercial sex and add to the next generation of abolitionists.

Sold No More has partnered with AWARE, a nationally-recognized anti-trafficking youth education program out of Washington, to launch a youth prevention and education program.

Learn more about AWARE and how YOU can help us educate middle and high school students throughout Tucson. 

Scheduling a Youth Education Program

All of our youth education programs are FREE of charge and can be customized for your group, school or classroom. We train dynamic, engaging speakers to lead our presentations, but  we'll also provide you with all other resources needed, including parent permission slips, brochures and follow-up resources.

The AWARE program can be presented in classrooms, any type of school setting, after-school groups, clubs, youth groups or other setting. 

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The AWARE Program

Each year, the AWARE program reaches 15,000 students across the country. Founded over a decade ago, the AWARE programs is a two-part curriculum, Illusions and Deceptions, designed to educate middle and high school students about sex trafficking, pornography and internet safety. Sold No More has trained a group of knowledgeable, engaging and energetic teachers to launch the AWARE program throughout Tucson.

Both parts of the curriculum can be done in a single class period, although 90 minutes is preferred for each. While the program is most effective when both parts are presented, we can do either separately as well.  

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Developed by law enforcement, the Deceptions program educates students on the reality of sex trafficking, the lures used by traffickers, and internet safety in order to prevent future exploitation of children.

Additionally, our teachers are equipped to recognize at-risk students and work together with teachers, administrators and parents to connect students to support services.



The Illusions program was designed to educate students about pornography, it's effects on them and their relationships and the connections between pornography and sex trafficking/abuse.  This program empowers students to make smart and informed decisions for themselves regarding pornography usage. 

For more information on the connection between trafficking and pornography, CLICK HERE.