Become an Anti-Trafficking Ambassador for Sold No More

Abraham Lincoln said, "Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed." In order to combat trafficking, we need a huge coalition of people willing to stand against such abuse, educated about the issue and the fact that women and girls caught in the commercial sex trade are being exploited, defend and protect children in our community and speak up for those being victimized. YOU CAN HELP RAISE THIS COALITION.

You can be a leader in this movement, educating others in our community, raising awareness about what is happening in our city and shining a light on something that has remained hidden for far too long. You can help turn public sentiment toward abolishing sex trafficking. You can help change perceptions towards victims and survivors, ensuring that they get the care and services they deserve. You can be an ambassador for those being exploited and those vulnerable to exploitation. We've seen throughout history that as people come together against slavery and oppression, social change happens - we can end trafficking together.

We need you - our Sold No More Ambassadors are passionate, committed people looking to make a difference in their sphere of influence -- whether that be their church, an organization, school or some other group. We will provide our Ambassadors with the training necessary to understand sex trafficking, what it looks like in our community, how pimps recruit and control victims, the impact of trauma bonds created, key trafficking indicators, how to respond to suspected trafficking situations and what is most effective in combating this unmitigated evil. We will equip you to share with others about sex trafficking and what they can do and provide you with concrete resources and tools to support you in raising awareness. We will meet every other month with Ambassadors to share updates, ideas and support each other in this important work. If you're interested in becoming an Ambassador, complete our volunteer application or contact Info@SoldNoMore.org for more information.